SEO Maestro On the Loose

The SEO man was moving around doing so many things that confused the hell out of a lot of people. Hell I was one of those that generally just had no idea what was happening and was indeed a little bit confused. But not to worry, I mean things could be worse right?

Looking around it seemed like someone was going to enjoy this whole entire process. Unfortunately I was not really going to enjoy it. Actually more than anything I was just a little bit scared. I mean you never know what is going to happen, people are weird.

Once I left that compound I soon realised there are way better things that I could be doing right now. One of them is standing around dancing and having a ball. The next one is getting over myself as I do a little jiggle. Both of these have a novelty factor that is pretty tough to ignore.

We all know that bad ass who really makes us feel fantastic at all times of the day. This hombre is big, powerful and ultimately a little bit scary.

Every time I see him I am so afraid. This person can do whatever the hell they want.

After looking at them I go back to my chair and go about my day the way I want. That includes just generally being happy and not totally upset by everyone all the time. There are really way worse things that people can do and see all the time. I do not really want to be a part of that.

How many people do you know in their right mind would sit there and take it left, right and centre. You would have to be a downright crazy guy there is no doubt about it.

My viewpoint on it is that some people are going to be happy about it while the rest are going to be up in arms. And I mean they are never going to get over it because they have some serious problems going through their mind at the current time.

It seems a little bit depressing. But what are you going to do? Every time there is going to be a loser. There is a winner and there alsoe is a loser. It is the unavoidable fact.

Personally I choose to get involved and have a little bit of fun because it is just the way that some people find they enjoy. Without becoming too upset we can really have a little bit of fun. My mum always said that if the feeling is good then keep doing what you are doing.

She is certainly not wrong on that. It is always good to follow your gut feeling.


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